Chivalry Sunset Cruise Fresh

Chivalry Sunset Cruise Fresh Sail Liberty is twice the size and twice as fast as the average sailboat on San Diego Bay,ensuring a thrilling sailing tour for guests of all ages! During our three-hour excursion,all guests are encouraged to take a turn at the helm,grind the winches or just sit back,relax,and enjoy the many wonderful … Read more

Bliss Sunset Cruise San Diego Sumptuous

Bliss Sunset Cruise San Diego Sumptuous Sailliberty com Why do you love sailing? Being on a boat slows down time and helps us understand ourselves.Some sailors gain a profound sense of oneness with their boat,the sea and the wind.The boat becomes a self-contained universe,the process of sailing becomes all consuming.Experience your sailboat tour today call … Read more

Affordably Sunset Cruise Benefits

Affordably Sunset Cruise Benefits A Sailing Charter on San Diego Bay is an awesome way to spend the day sightseeing in beautiful San Diego sailliberty com Sunset Harbor Cruise Imagine yourself and your crew mates sailing effortlessly on San Diego Bay or around Point Loma as you begin your ocean adventure aboard this classic 65 … Read more